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SALIFE is a highly sophisticated magazine that showcases the incredible talent in South Australia; talent that includes designers, artists, entrepreneurs, business people, chefs, architects, winemakers... the list is almost endless.

Now in its 14th year, SALIFE continues to be the BIGGEST selling magazine in South Australia.
We have developed strong relationships with many, many ADVERTISERS … testament to the success of the results and the value they see it adds to their brands and businesses. Our EDITOR, Jacqui Harbison, is regularly heard on RADIO ratings-winning FIVEaa, talking about SALIFE, our quarterly gardening magazine SAGardens & Outdoor Living, our homes magazine, SAHomes & Interiors, and our gourmet annual, SALIFE Food & Wine. As well as radio and television, we also promote our magazines by other high visibility media such as social media, e-newsletters and Adelaide trams.

SAHomes & Interiors, first published in 2009, continues to inspire and motivate anyone interested in building their dream home or renovating to suit their contemporary lifestyle. We feature not only enviable homes from around the state but also indications of current trends both locally and internationally. Combined with local industry news, SAHomes & Interiors is sought by readers wanting the best on offer from around the world, but available in their own back yard.

Our gardening and lifestyle magazine, SAGardens & Outdoor Living celebrates our fabulous South Australian outdoor lifestyle. First published as an annual in 2010 it has since grown into an biannual and now quarterly publication over four issues in summer, autumn, winter and spring. SAGardens & Outdoor Living is endorsed by the Nursery and Garden Industry South Australia and sold in member nurseries and gardens centres, as well as newsagents.

SALIFE Food & Wine magazine readers are real foodies... the type of people who are always looking to find a new favourite product or somewhere to go with friends or family. The popularity of the magazine has seen it cement itself as an annual published each September.

Why us?

Australia’s, even South Australia’s, media landscape is very competitive. The array of choice for the advertiser is vast. You have made the decision to advertise, but where should you advertise?

Targeted communications are more persuasive and effective

When it comes to engaging with your target audience, magazines such as those published by SALIFE are already one step ahead because magazines establish a strong and intimate relationship between readers and their chosen publication.

Faced with overwhelming choice, people are naturally drawn to magazines to which they feel a strong connection. Magazines engage their readers one-on-one.

Both editorial and advertising content is relevant

Niche magazines such as SALIFE, SAGardens & Outdoor Living, SALIFE Food & Wine and SAHomes & Interiors also have another advantage: we deliver content that tends to be more relevant to the reader than other media. We know our target audience very well and they are at the forefront of our minds at every editorial meeting.

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