November 25, 2020

Fashion: Modern magnificence

A fresh take on glamour means intricate details that catch the eye and turn up the volume. These contemporary South Australian designers show us how it’s done.

Ball gown, POA, from Paolo Sebastian; Dani Barrie Tidal Stream necklace, $200, Dani Barrie large Tidal Wave earrings, $320, Dani Barrie Tidal Stream necklace, $200, from JamFactory.

Sophie gown in metallic lilac lace, POA, from couture+love+madness; Simon Williams Mineralist Shard earrings, $155, from JamFactory.

Emiliana jumpsuit with Piero Gali Italian lace applique and fringe cape, POA, from Lexi; Guilia shoe, $399; Briony Vickery Crocheted silver bracelet, $970, Briony Vickery Crocheted silver ring, $1000, Briony Vickery Crocheted silver ring, $1050, from JamFactory.

Longline double-breasted blazer, $550, Ultra high waisted pant, $320, from Stephanie Chehade; Clarence top, $295, from Acler; Setire shoe, $389, from Mary-Kyri; Michelle Kelly Cookeina cup ring with three cups, $595, Michelle Kelly Cookeina cup ring with one cup, $420, Jess Dare Leaf earrings, $240, from JamFactory.

Silk twist top, $289, Silk tier skirt, $399, from Autark; Rizare shoe, $599, from Mary-Kyri; Danielle Barrie Swell earrings, $280, from JamFactory.

Kings blazer, $550, Kings pant, $320, Kilner belt, $250, from Acler; Caras shoe, $329, from Mary Kyri; Naomi Bishop Scribble hooks gold plated, $110, Naomi Bishop Scribble studs gold plated, $80, from JamFactory.

C/MEO Collective Outbreak gown, $289.95, from Australian Fashion Labels; Majesty shoe, $700, from Desyllas; Katrina Weber two-link stud earrings, $360, Vanessa Williams Continuous Loop bangle, $420, from JamFactory.

Barbara silk georgette and Italian lace gown, POA, from Varacalli; Demaya shoe, $349, from Mary-Kyri; Kath Inglis Doily studs, $125, from JamFactory.

Australian Fashion Labels
Paolo Sebastian
Stephanie Chehade
Style Assistant Michelle Beltrame
Hair Janelle Zara
Make up Krista Jade
Photography assistant and video Yianni Tragos
Model Lucy Brown at Finesse
Location National Railway Museum


This story first appeared in the September 2020 issue of SALIFE magazine.

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