October 29, 2020
At home

Do you have problems with plants?

Don't be a dahlia in distress, gardening guru Michael Keelan is here to help with the solutions to all your horticultural horrors.

Are your house plants pathetic? Has your veggie garden gone rogue? Are your roses repulsive?

If your gardening is driven more by enthusiasm than experience, never fear.

SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living magazine gardening expert, and much-loved fiveaa weekend mornings presenter, Michael Keelan is here to help, with Michael Keelan’s Mailbag.

Send your horticultural horrors to editorial@salife.com.au in an email explaining the issue, along with at least one photograph of the offending specimen.

Michael will endeavour to offer advice on all issues submitted, however, your gardening gaffe will also be considered for the Michael Keelan’s Mailbag page in the summer 2020 issue of SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living, published on November 26, 2020.

Whether it’s a pest, a disease, or just a plain old mystery, Michael can (probably) help.

Don’t be a droopy daisy, email editorial@salife.com.au now.

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