May 26, 2022

Winter warmers: Natives for your garden

Native plants can be used to brighten up any garden through the winter months. Not only are there flowering varieties, but they also add interest with foliage colours and textures.

Acacia glaucoptera
Also known as the “clay bush” which is an attractive blue-grey winged-foliaged shrub, with red new growth. Yellow ball-shaped flowers form along the stems from late winter to spring. Frost resistant, height to 1.5m, width 1m-3m. 

Correa “Autumn Blaze”
A form of Correa pulchella selected in the wild form from a population on Kangaroo Island. This is a small, compact plant with a height of 30cm and a width of up to 1.5m. Glossy green leaves with bright orange-pink tubular flowers. This plant flowers from autumn to winter and will attract honey eaters. Makes a great border plant and can also be grown successfully in a pot.

Eremophila alternifolia pink
An evergreen medium-sized shrub with narrow leaves. Large, tubular pink flowers appear in profusion from winter to spring. Likes a well-drained position, will tolerate drought, lime soils and light frost.

Grevillea “Ellendale Dragon”
A small to medium shrub 1-2m in height and 2-3m wide. Large red spider-shaped flowers can appear for up to six months, which are pendulous and appear on the ends of the arching grey-foliaged branches. This is a fabulous feature plant, proven to attract lots of birds.

Goodenia ovata procumbent
A small shrub, growing to around 1m in height. The bright yellow flowers appear for a long time from winter to early summer. This plant enjoys a well-drained position and is frost resistant.

Kennedia nigricans “Black Coral Pea”
A very vigorous native evergreen climber, with black, pea-shaped flowers with a green highlight. This plant requires well-drained soil, and tolerates dryness, lime soils, and light frost.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2021 issue of SALIFE Gardens and Outdoor Living magazine.


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