February 6, 2020
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SALIFE The Health & Wellness Issue is out now!

The February issue of SALIFE is out now, with a special focus on how we can all be a little bit healthier and happier in 2020.

In this issue, we start the new year as we mean to go on: healthy and happy.

Eating well is, of course, a great place to start, and we have some recipes for hassle-free healthiness from Adelaide’s Leah Itsines – who has been helping people all over the internet take control of their consumption with her Balanced and Realistic Eating (BARE) guide.

It’s also important to look after our own – and each other’s – mental wellbeing, so in this issue we meet some South Australians to learn about the stresses of their careers and what pastimes they enjoy to relax.

Meanwhile, we meet SAHMRI researcher Joseph van Agteren, an expert on the subject of resilience, to hear about how we can all bounce back a little more easily from life’s inevitable knocks.

We also pay a visit to ABC radio personality Ali Clarke and her family at home — kids, chickens, hectic schedule and all. Many women will identify with her approach of embracing the chaos of a busy household, but it may surprise readers to learn that, despite her many achievements, Ali doesn’t necessarily consider herself to be a confident person.

Of course, Valentine’s Day will be upon us next week, but the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra has taken workplace romance to a new level. So much so that there are now eight married couples amongst the players.

It seems music might be the food of love after all. Now there’s a path to wellbeing.

Read all these stories and much more in the February 2020 issue of SALIFE, on sale now.

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