January 25, 2023
Out & About

Annesley Junior School 120 years

A celebration for Annesley Junior School’s 120-year anniversary was held at Gillingham Hall.

Hayley and Dom Lentz, Simone Lettice and Matt Liddy.

David Traino, Donna Nicole and Jasmine and David Taylor.
Jess Cronin, Rob Simms and Jill MacKenzie.
Carl and Amber Owen and Alex Butler and Rachel Black.
Giacomo Betti and Anusha Krishnamoorthy.
Ed and Amelia Senneck and Sam and Bec van Reesema.
Emma and Rowan Stagg.
Peta StClair, Michelle Christie and Arielle Lopreste.
lsea Hicks and Marco Gleeson.
Sophia Fisher and Lizzie Birmingham.
Nicki Barnet, Mel Carbone and Maryanne Chilman.
Simone Lettice and Sarah Walsh.
Jo Rossiter and Matt Rossiter.
Penny and Jake White.
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