May 6, 2024

Adelaide ophthalmologist Dr Ben LaHood, recognised as one of the world’s best.

Clear, healthy eyesight is something often taken for granted. However, when compromised, the impact on lifestyle, general and mental health, and the ability to work can be immense. That’s why Adelaideans are so lucky to have one of the world’s most talented, respected, and recognised eye doctors right here!

Dr Ben LaHood, Opthalmologist

When first meeting Ben, his dedication and talent are obvious.

Calm, considered, and very personable, patients seeking his expertise feel immediately at ease. As the consultation progresses it is typified by the particular attention he pays to understand your concerns and visual goals, the meticulous time he spends designing a treatment solution for your unique eyes, and his ability to clearly answer any questions you have, putting any concerns to rest. He offers a boutique service, rather than a one size fits all approach.

It is at this stage that it becomes crystal clear (like the vision you will likely have after your time with him) that he is at the top of his game. And he is, not just in Australia, but globally.

First inducted in 2023, it comes as no surprise to those in the eye industry that in 2024 he has been selected once again onto The Power List by The Ophthalmologist Magazine. An honour given by his own industry peers, The Power List represents the top 100 most influential and inspirational ophthalmologists globally. That’s right – the top 100 in the whole world!

Ben experienced the impact of blindness firsthand when growing up he watched his grandfather go completely blind from glaucoma. This inspired him, and after studying medicine and choosing to specialise in ophthalmology, Ben went on to pursue subspecialty training in cataract and refractive (including laser vision correction) surgery. In total, this training took 15 years.

One of Ben’s specialty areas is presbyopia correction (helping people no longer need reading glasses). With his specialist knowledge, and the latest technology, he offers the complete range of treatment options from laser vision correction to lens surgeries for adults of all age groups. As he says, “you don’t have to wait to develop cataracts before you can have your vision treated!”

Often invited to speak and teach at ophthalmic conferences and initiatives around the world, Ben is passionate about his field and strives to continue to learn, educate and collaborate with the global ophthalmic community to ensure he is at the forefront of this field, and that his patient community receives the very best care.

The fact that he does this in his own time, quietly striving for perfection, is of massive benefit to his patients. He views the trust placed in him as a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide each individual with the vision that they have always wanted. In this sentiment alone it is clear that his patients, and the results he achieves for them, are always his priorities.

The Power List is published annually by The Ophthalmologist Magazine. Peer nominated, it throws a spotlight on the 100 most influential individuals in ophthalmology globally and recognises their impact, influence, and excellence. Selected in both 2023 and 2024, Ben is one of the youngest, and the only South Australian, to make the cut.

Ben consults at Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre and manages his laser and surgical patients at ParkView Day Surgery, located in the same building in Eastwood. In this environment he can provide his patients with a complete suite of state-of-the-art ophthalmic technology in a modern hospital-accredited environment, supported by skilled clinical and customer service staff. Find out more or book an appointment at or call 08 8274 7000.

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