July 26, 2020
Arts & Culture

Art outdoors, Miriam on air and Shaun on the sauce

Three things to keep you entertained: A European art trail through the streets of North Adelaide, a rollicking podcast with Miriam Margolyes and Louis Theroux, and Shaun Micallef’s one-man mission to find out why people drink.

A reproduction of Allegory of Peace, by Simon Vouet, on the wall of the David Roche Foundation museum.

European art on Adelaide walls

Musée Extérieur is an opportunity to get some fresh air, exercise and an art fix all at the same time. The City of Adelaide has partnered with the Thomas Henry Museum in Cherbourg, France, to present life-size reproductions of European master paintings from its collection on 10 prominent walls in North Adelaide, with an online map showing the location of all the paintings in the art trail. Works have been specifically chosen for each site – so, for example, you’ll see Thomas Henry’s Portrait of a Woman gazing out from a wall of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital on King William Road, while Guillaume Fouace’s still life The Lenten Luncheon graces the side of Melbourne Street Fine Wine Cellars. For the brick wall at the front of the David Roche Foundation museum, director Robert Reason chose Simon Vouet’s 17th-century painting Allegory of Peace (pictured top): “It is a wonderful image of gods and goddesses, and David Roche’s collection here abounds with images of both,” he says.

On the Sauce

Photo: ABC

TV presenter Shaun Micallef begins his new documentary series Shaun Micallef’s On The Sauce standing on the side of a road in South Australia where his great-great-grandfather died 100 years ago. In what was described by a newspaper at the time as “a grim tragedy”, he was returning home from the Snowtown Pub when he fell asleep and accidentally set himself alight when his pipe fell out of his mouth. “The main question,” Shaun deadpans, “is do we drink too much. Well obviously if you’ve burned yourself to death you should definitely cut back a little, but what about that grey area between the first glass and self-immolation?” A teetotaler himself, he genuinely wants to find out why Australians drink and what advice he should give his own sons as they approach drinking age. It’s an odyssey both entertaining and enlightening, with the first episode (available now on iView) taking him from an 18th birthday party to a pub crawl with a women’s soccer team and a B&S Ball. A new episode will air at 8.30pm on Tuesday on the ABC.

When Louis met Miriam

Photo: Grounded / BBC Radio 4

Documentary maker Louis Theroux likes to dig where others fear to tread and actor Miriam Margolyes loves to shock people, so things were bound to get a bit hairy when they came together on Theroux’s BBC Radio 4 lockdown podcast Grounded. After diving headfirst into a frank – and hilariously explicit – conversation about sex, they deliver an engaging hour-long chat about topics ranging from Dickens to Scorsese, anti-Semitism, relationships and Miriam’s hatred of housework. If you like Louis, it’s worth checking out his other Grounded interviews with people including pop singer Boy George and actor Chris O’Dowd. And if you like Miriam, you should also take a (pre-lockdown) road trip with her on ABC iView in the brilliant three-part doco Miriam Margolyes Almost Australian.

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