April 2, 2020
At home

Team spirit: SALIFE working from home

Here at SALIFE, we're hard at work getting your next issue ready, even while we're working in isolation. Meet our new "colleagues" and send in photos of your home working space to zoe@salife.com.au

SALIFE Editor Penny Yap says Buddy the vizsla is the worst co-worker she’s ever had: he’s noisy, he’s messy and he’s very distracting.

Two-year-old twins Mia and Grace have been “helping” mum Jodie Vidakovic, subscriptions and distribution manager, to get everyone’s magazines out.
Maya, 10, art directing creative director Jason Hamer.
Senior journalist Zoe Rice and two-year-old Patrick discuss story ideas on their coffee break.
Brooke Seward, director of sales, gets to share a home office with Mavis.
Senior journalist Ben Kelly is kept company by “Bensai” the bonsai.
Advertising coordinator Vivienne Twelftree at her work station, which includes a lucky cat and two crafty crochet cacti, who help her plot her day.
Genevieve Meegan, senior journalist, has been sharing an office space with son Charlie.
Tanya Green, graphic designer, steps out for some fresh air with Lily and Will.
Advertising consultant Sinead Syndicas and cat Buka basking in the sunshine while checking out the latest issue.

Send photos of your home office and “colleagues” to zoe@salife.com.au

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