April 23, 2020
At home

Team Spirit: Solstice staff at home

Here at Solstice Media, we've found ourselves with a bit more time on our hands and a lot more time spent at home. Here are some of the projects we've been taking on. Send in your own projects from the kitchen, garden or elsewhere to zrice@solsticemedia.com.au.

CityMag publisher Josh Fanning has been hard at work building greenhouses – these ones are for a row of broccoli. “Mostly, I wanted to build something that protected the new seedlings but also meant I didn’t have to do too much gardening. Basically I wanted the covers to keep the bugs out. Bug prevention failed on the broccoli, but these little rounds are housing parsley, fennel and cabbage seeds that have all sprouted and are growing well. All materials were purchased from Banner Mitre 10 in Blackwood as well as found objects from the backyard. It’s fun being thrifty right now.”

SALIFE director of sales Brooke Seward has been spending her time at home getting out on the horses with son Harry.
Journalist Angela Skujins and her partner spent the time to make, by hand, vegan tortellini with a rich filling of Portobello mushrooms, pan-fried and minced, with garlic and vegan cream cheese. She made the pasta with flour and a chickpea substitute for eggs. “I made the tortellini pieces by following an Italian tutorial on YouTube and dolloping a small amount of filling on the two-inch long pasta squares. Then we made a vegan butter sauce by cooking Nuttalex and rosemary on low heat on the fry-pan. We drizzled it over the tortellini pieces after they were brought to boil and it was amazing! We added vegan parmesan on top because – why not? I had mine with a home-made Negroni and it made me feel like I was in a restaurant rather than my house. Transported me out of isolation for a minute.”
Vivienne Twelftree, advertising coordinator, has been out in the garden growing baby aubergines. “There are six on one plant and they are awfully cute!”
Group business editor Andrew Spence has been getting fiery, growing five types of chilli over summer. In recent weeks, he’s concocted a few batches of “hibernation hot sauce”.
SALIFE senior journalist Zoe Rice took inspiration from a crumpet recipe in the April issue of the magazine. “Mine didn’t quite turn out as pretty, but I’ll never be able to eat a packet crumpet again.”
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