August 17, 2022

Fashion: Rug up and roam

Don’t let the cooler weather keep you indoors – have fun layering up rich colours, cosy textures and statement pieces.

Jei’s pleated skirt, $475, Jei’s vest, $395, from Woolcock Reynella; Coat, $379.95, from Sejour Club; Adrienne tilt hat, POA, from Blakesby Hats; Wildwoods boot, $279, Cherished necklace, $149, from Mimco.

Chocolatier pant, $188, Hot Chocolate blazer, $230, from Leonard St; Gerry Weber coat, $750, from Woolcock Reynella; Tall crown fedora, POA, from Blakesby Hats; Ember boot, $299, from Mimco.
Steffen Schraut jumper, $498, Leo & Ugo skirt, $325, from Woolcock Reynella; Monari coat, $440, from Fashada; Clutch bag, $195, Belt, $65, from The Butcher Byrd; Fedora, POA, from Blakesby Hats; Pascucci Dante short Chelsea combat boot, $550, from Cherri Bellini; Ethereal bracelet, $129, Frontier ring, $89.98, from Mimco.
Taifun dress, $350, from Woolcock Reynella; Textured blazer, $139, from Zara; Katya belt, $79, from Morrison; Geometric fedora, POA, from Blakesby Hats; Ember pumps, $229, Ethereal ring, $129, from Mimco.
Hammock and Vine coat, $264, from Fashada; Captain mini skirt, $145, Barker knit, $139, Louvre blazer, $268, from Leonard St; Fuzzy finish porkpie hat, POA, from Blakesby Hats; Pascucci Serafina boot, $600, from Cherri Bellini.
Zora dress, $349, from Morrison; Jet wrap knit, $139.95, from Sejour Club; Sage saddle bag, $345, from The Butcher Byrd; Legionnaires cap, POA, from Blakesby Hats; Nectar boot, $299, from Mimco.
Grey cape coat, $299.95, from Sejour Club; Foil Puff Love jacket, $200, Marco Polo pant, $99.95, from Fashada; Leo & Ugo beanie, $65, from Woolcock Reynella; Nectar boot, $299, from Mimco.
Snow Drift cape, $229, Snow drift beanie, $69.95, Nectar heeled boot, $299, Natura statement earrings, $179, from Mimco; Riani wool coat, $1450, from Woolcock Reynella; Pleated faux leather skirt, $65.95, from Zara.



Blakesby Hats
The Butcher Byrd
Cherri Bellini Rundle East
Fashada 8331 8455
Leonard St Rundle East
Mimco Burnside Village
Morrison Rundle East
Sejour Club 0487 612 022
Woolcock Reynella
Zara Burnside Village

Model Tahlia Griffiths at The Models
Hair Emma Riemersma
Make up Lilymaemua
Photography assistant Yianni Tragos
Style assistant Tracey Bryans


This article first appeared in the June 2022 issue of SALIFE magazine.

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