February 15, 2024

Hot tips for a cool look

Ahead of this weekend's scorching weather forecast, Adelaide makeup artist Aleksandra Pinneri shares her tips for maintaining a flawless and fresh-faced look through the festival season.

Take away the shine

Apply a mattifying primer where you shine and a glowing one where you’re dry. Nailing your base means your makeup looks flawless like a pro. Pores? Blurred. Oily spots? Matte. Dry areas? Glowing. Forget the one-size-fits-all process and customise your products to your face’s needs for that flawless, high-vibe finish.

A bit of spritz

Layer like a pro! Between every step apply a setting spray all over your face. This makes your base more tacky and therefore boosts the foundation’s staying power. My favourite is the Kryolan Fixing Spray.

Go lightweight

Less is more! Swap over your full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturiser or a lightweight serum foundation and use concealer to add extra coverage in the areas where you are prone to redness or want to hide breakouts. My favourite lightweight foundations are the Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Serum Foundation and the L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation Serum, while a great full coverage concealer is the Mac Cosmetics Pro Long Concealer.

Mist opportunity

Embrace the glow with a tanning water mist for that sun-kissed radiance without the UV damage. We all feel more confident when we have a tan as it evens out our complexions and avoids the need for foundation. Most importantly, it is more harmonious with your tanned body without having to make the adjustment using makeup that transfers or moves in the heat. My go-to is the Wotnot Naturals Certified Organic Face Tan Water Mist.

Like a sponge

Use a small beauty blender to apply your concealer and setting powder in, rather than using your fingers. This will give you a more even coverage and more durability. Then whatever product you have left in the sponge you can bring it in your handbag for touchups when you need it. The sponges I use are the Dirty Thirty’s Cosmetics mini beauty sponges, which fit into any sized purse.

Soak it up

Blot, don’t smear. Oil-absorbing sheets are a must in your purse for those oily t-zone faces or dancing divas. A quick pat on the skin absorbs oil without smudging your makeup off. I use the Crown Brush Australia blotting papers.

Sheer tint

Cheeky tints are great for the long haul. Powder blushes can turn cakey with the heat or disappear with your sweat, so opt for a gel or cream blush instead. They melt into your skin and can be used as a base for powder blush to get more intensity and colour payoff as well as durability. My favourite cream blushes are from from Danessa Myricks.

Visit Aleksandra on Instagram or online. Or you can find her at Business to Beauty Academy or Unveil the Beauty.

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