March 3, 2023

SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living is out now!

The autumn 2023 issue of SALIFE Gardens and Outdoor Living, is filled with tips on how to turn your patch into a sensory delight, advice on which natives to plant for spring colour and how to take care of your indoor plants as the weather starts to cool.

Meet the owners of a fourth-generation farm whose love story has led to a garden filled with colour and life.

As temperatures fall – along with the leaves – the list of to-dos in the garden continues to rise: from planting natives, to cleaning your pruning shears, here’s the definitive list to start ticking off this season.

Quandongs, with their hardiness, tangy fruit and cream flowers, could well be the plant your garden has been missing.

A garden shouldn’t just be a visual feast – it should provide a wide-ranging sensory experience.

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