November 24, 2022

SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living Summer 2022 is out now!

In this issue, we learn how to embrace colour in the garden, grow a big patch of pumpkins and hear from gardeners passionate about harnessing the potential of a street's verge.

Step inside a Crafers garden that has been transformed from a barren expanse of grass, into a water wonderland where flora and fauna are free to frolic.

From tomatoes, to lawns, to natives and indoor plants, the gardening to-do list doesn’t get any shorter just because the days are getting longer.

If you like to grow plants that are adventurous and have seemingly few boundaries, then put pumpkins on your to-plant list.

The traditional green garden is making way for a new wave of colour that will bring movement, joy and a sense of wellbeing.

The simple totem pole could prove the answer to what can be a complex problem: How do I get my indoor plants to climb upwards?




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