April 6, 2023
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This month we celebrate all things kids and family, including meeting Channel Ten news anchor Kate Freebairn and her gorgeous baby girl, Airlie, inside their newly finished beach house at Aldinga.

The April issue of SALIFE celebrates the love shared by kids and families, featuring Kate Freebairn, who is only just learning about the complex juggle of motherhood and work, and James Thredgold, who has learnt to parent through his grief after losing his wife. We step inside the family-friendly home of In The Roundhouse co-founder Brooke Bickmore-Bridges, where she hosts a soiree for her siblings, and meet another family whose love of mid-century design has seen their home transformed. Our fashion pages are filled with inspiration for matching with your mini-me, while the recipes will enable you to replicate much-loved takeaway dishes in your home kitchen. Meanwhile, travel to the Mid North to meet four youngsters who are relishing growing up on a farm, and meet some youngsters at Paradise Primary School who are growing their own veggies during class time. As well as all the best social and weddings pages you’ll find, this is an issue that will keep your enthralled, entertained and inspired.


They say good things come in threes and Kate Freebairn is a living example of that having moved to a new house in a new city, won a plum new media role, all while celebrating becoming a mother for the first time.

Seven years after losing his beloved wife Holly, businessman James Thredgold reflects on fatherhood and life after tragedy.

From the smallest details to the big, bold choices, step inside this Goodwood renovation that not only reflects the owners’ love of mid-century architecture, but how a house can be transformed into a modern, functional space for a family of five.

Subtle pastels and cool neutrals create an effortless look when you’re on-the-go … matching with your mini-me is just a bonus.

From the humble burger, to fish and chips and pizza, there’s nothing quite like the comfort of a family-friendly takeaway meal. But for those looking for some do-it-yourself inspiration, here are the prefect recipes to replicate much-loved takeaway meals in your own kitchen.

With four children ranging in ages from five to 11, as well as 11 dogs, eight cows, 11 guinea fowl, three pigs, five peacocks, six geese, six chickens, two Indian runner ducks, one pony and about 2500 sheep, meet the Mid North parents who struggle to find moments of peace. And wouldn’t have it any other way.

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