August 24, 2023
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SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living is out now!

SALIFE’s spring 2023 Gardens and Outdoor Living magazine has hit the shelves, filled with inspiration to make your spring months a productive season of gardening. From tips for adding the colour red in your patch, to restoring your lawn after winter, to heading inside a cute Leabrook cottage – this issue is as dreamy as the spring months ahead.

Kim Syrus has the expert tips for getting on top of the every-growing to-do list throughout spring.

The wisteria has a long history in many cultures that have revered its long-lasting floriferous blooms to carry meanings of romance, happiness and honour.

There’s no doubting that red is a timeless colour that exudes feelings of love, strength and power. Now, it’s time to put red to good use in your garden.

In the alkaline soils of the Limestone Coast, South East communities have learnt valuable lessons about curating successful beachside gardens.

There is no luck involved with maintaining a European-inspired garden in Australia – it is Deb Worthley’s hard work and sustainable lifestyle that allow this Leabrook garden to flourish.

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