November 23, 2023

SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living Summer 2023 out now!

SALIFE's summer 2023 Gardens and Outdoor Living magazine has hit the shelves, filled with inspiration to make your summer gardening months useful and fun. From tips for making your patch as water-friendly as possible, to expert advice on how to successfully screen off your neighbours, to inspiration for decorating your outdoor table this festive season, this issue is as hot as the summer months ahead.

Kim Syrus delivers all the expert tips and advice for keeping your patch green and glorious this summer.

There’s nothing like festive celebrating, and here are some suggestions for how to make your table decidedly Christmassy, using plants.

Surely, there’s no more summery a plant as the hibiscus? Here are the tips for growing them in your backyard.

If you’re thinking a tree in your garden is in need of a facelift, then here are some expert tips on pruning it into a statement plant.

Ever reliable and immensely productive, figs are a wonderful delight. Why not grow one in your yard, with these tips and tricks to help.

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