May 25, 2022
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SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living Winter 2022 is out now!

It might be chilly outside, but don't waste those sunny winter days when you can be pruning, planting and preparing your garden for the start of spring.

The chilly weather and rain are here, but winter doesn’t have to be drab in the garden, there are lots of options for bringing some zing into the cooler months.

Whether you’re considering planting camellias, leucadendrons or more unusual flowering shrubs, we’ve got you covered in this issue.

The jobs that need doing around your yard in winter may not be exactly fun, but they’re rewarding and important nonetheless –  gardening expert Kim Syrus has all the details.

Kim also takes us through one winter task that is so much easier than you think: fruit tree grafting. Follow Kim’s step-by-step instructions and give it a go.

However, if you’re more of an indoor gardener, we detail the best bulletproof plants that almost anyone should be able to care for – even absolute beginners.

Our feature garden in this issue is one some readers may have visited before – many years ago. The current custodians have spent more than a decade restoring it to glory, in preparation for its first Open Garden in spring.

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