January 5, 2023
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SALIFE January is out now!

In our January issue, we pay homage to the absolute best of South Australia: a special issue, dedicated to the winners of the SALIFE Absolute Best awards that honoured the state’s best home, garden, restaurant, designer and more. Plus, the usual fashion, food and colourful characters your love to read about every month.

The rustic charm of Hardwicke Bay has been treasured for generations. But how much longer will the weathered shacks and rusty tractors continue to rule the sands of this Yorke Peninsula town.

With its off-form concrete, flowing lines and chocolate tones, step inside the walls of the Rose Park house that was named Adelaide’s best home in the Absolute Best Awards last month.

Three South Australian surfing pioneers, now aged in their 70s, recall the early days of surf culture here and why, after all these decades, they are still chasing the perfect wave.

From Galician pies to garlic flans, paella-stuffed squid and an almond and citrus tart, Rosa Matto’s Spanish-inspired recipes will be perfect on your summer table.

There was much to celebrate when Finesse Built’s Matt Beckwith and new fiancee Kate Perham invited guests to their house for dinner.

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