March 1, 2023
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SALIFE March is out now!

This month, we celebrate the achievements of women around the state, including comedian-turned-lawyer, Corinne Grant, who has relocated to Adelaide to raise her young daughter and continue her successful career.

The March issue of SALIFE celebrates the achievements of women and features an exclusive interview with one of Australian stand-up comedy’s most recognisable women, who relocated to Adelaide to raise her young daughter and continue a successful career in the law. We also meet female heads of business who give insights into what they’ve learnt along their way and inspired by the Art Gallery of South Australia’s Andy Warhol exhibition, we have gone to Adelaide’s famous faces and photographed them doing rather “unfamous things”; from homestyle arts-and-crafts to mowing the lawn, you’ll be amazed at what the likes of Chester Osborn, Ali Clarke, Anne Wills and Premier Peter Malinauskas get up to.

From TV star to Adelaide lawyer, Corinne Grant discusses comedy, her early days on shows like Rove Live and The Glass House, her journey into the law, relocating to Adelaide and what motherhood means to her.

International Women’s Day 2023 highlights the theme of embracing equity, so SALIFE takes lessons from women who are not only succeeding in their fields, but are working to create environments where others can thrive.

A little bit country, a little bit Hamptons, this Adelaide Hills home has a whole lot of style for a family of six to live out their dream.

With a kaleidoscope of colour – think pinks to yellows and blues – fashion goes pop with looks that will have you partying all festival season long.

The Slow Food movement promotes healthy, locally-sourced food and promotes traditional and regional traditions to combat the modern-day tendency for mindless food consumption. Here, Rosa Matto shows you how to do Slow Food, only fast.

Adelaide Festival chief executive Kath Mainland and her partner Ray Anderson brought a touch of Scotland to the table when they hosted a rustic dinner party for friends, who also just happen to be some of Adelaide’s most prominent arts identities.

With the Art Gallery launching a new exhibition exploring Andy Warhol’s photographic work, SALIFE takes inspiration from the artist’s penchant for photographing “famous people doing unfamous things”, and turns the lens on some of SA’s most recognisable faces.

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