May 2, 2024
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SALIFE May 2024 out now!

SALIFE returns this May with its annual Gardens Issue, with pages dedicated to the people, places and products behind our green thumbs and minds. From catching up with much-loved gardening personality Sophie Thomson, to stepping inside the stunning grounds of Eurilla, to exploring a little-known pocket of Burnside, to meeting the people who grow South Australia's flowers, this issue will delight, inform and inspire.

She’s South Australia’s best-known celebrity gardener, but much of what Sophie Thomson does goes on behind the scenes, offering on-the ground help, advice and moral support for our country’s most vulnerable.

Artist Marnie Gilder and her farming husband Rob have combined their creative talents to renovate two homes on their Barossa Valley property — and the results are spectacular.

From purples and pinks, to greens, yellows and blues, be inspired to reinvent your wardrobe when you take your cues from the best that nature offers.

Rosa Matto steps into the garden to find inspiration for May’s recipes, delivering hearty dishes including pea and lettuce soup and delicious lemon cakes.

This month, Kim Syrus heads to the Burnside area and finds a pocket of public land that is as beautiful as it is surprising.


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