December 1, 2021
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SALIFE The Christmas Issue is out now!

With Christmas almost upon us, the new December issue of SALIFE has everything you need to get holiday ready – simple recipes, festive fashion and creative decorations.

In this issue, we get artistic with some ideas for creative Christmas wreaths you can make at home, with inspiration from a fashion designer, an artist, a chef a gardener and some florists – which best reflects your personal style?

We also have a delightfully colourful long lunch extravaganza from consummate hostess and regular welcomer of Christmas “orphans”, Alice MacGillivray – you might even pick up some tips for your own party.

Meanwhile, Callum Hann puts a twist on those tried-but-tired Christmas dinner dishes. Why wrangle a whole turkey when you could plump for duck instead? And if no one ever wants a hot pud on a hot day at your holiday table we have the perfect solution.

Shot in the lap of luxury at Sequoia Lodge, our fashion feature in this issue is a true summer stunner. Get swept away in the golden age of glamour with floating fabrics and pretty patterns.

With the holidays upon us, now is the time to head for South Australia’s beautiful regional areas. If a long drive to the South East is on the horizon for your family, we’ve compiled the best road trip spots to break up your journey.

SALIFE will be back much sooner than usual, with our brand new SALIFE January Summer Issue on Thursday, January 6.

SALIFE The Christmas Issue 2021 is on sale now at your local newsagent, selected Foodland and Woolworths stores and all Coles supermarkets in SA 

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