May 23, 2024
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Winter 2024 SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living out now!

Winter is almost here, and while the temperatures are dropping, the latest SALIFE Gardens & Outdoor Living magazine is filled with hot tips for surviving the season. From frost protection for your garden, to top tips for which trees to plant, from pruning advice, to celebrating the hellebores - known as winter's rose - there is so much to educate and inspire every South Australian gardener.

Some of the most common questions garden centres are asked during winter revolve around frost, frost damage and which plants are the most frost hardy. The frost season does require some additional plant care, but you can reduce damage dramatically by using a few extra products and some forward thinking.

Helleborus, commonly known as the winter rose, is a standout performer, not only while blossoming, but for its interesting foliage throughout the remainder of the year. As such, they are a fabulous plant that can been used to enliven the darker recesses of your garden.

Don’t let the colder months deter you from getting into the garden and setting your yard in order. Kim Syrus has all the top tips and best jobs to accomplish during the upcoming season.

Cold days and even chillier nights, coupled with shorter daylight hours, have an obvious effect on a certain group of plants. Deciduous trees and shrubs once foliage-filled continue their autumn shed into winter. As sap flow stops or slows dramatically, winter provides the ideal time to cut stems and branches, big and small, without damaging the plant.

Seasonal gardens are such interesting gardens and though spring, summer and autumn tend to take the limelight when it comes to flowers and foliage, there are still plenty of blooming surprises to be had in winter.

Tucked away in the Adelaide Hills, this “working person’s garden” bursts with diverse flora, including Mediterranean, traditional English, and Australian native plants. Its custodian, Amanda Stewart, takes SALIFE Gardens and Outdoor Living magazine on a special tour.


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