March 7, 2024
Out & About

Baleen Moondjan opening night

The 2024 Adelaide Festival opened with Baleen Moondjan on Wednesday, February 24. Baleen Moondjan celebrates the relationships between baleen whales and First Nations’ totemic systems.

Claire Lindop, Allison Kane and Monique O’Donohue

Jacob Nash and Phoebe Collier
Ruth Mackenzie, Stephen Page and Kath Mainland
Nicola Sabatino, Rika Hamaguchi and Glory Tuohy-Daniell
Mark Glauser and Michael O’Donnell
Jennie Shaw, Hannah Bone and Anna Baillie-Karas
Angela Seneca and Justine Firth
Beau Dean Riley Smith, Zipporah Corser-Anu and Dobby
Peter Trethuwey, Katrina Constantopoulos, Terri Moore and Ian McGregor
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