May 24, 2019
Out & About

Out & About: Best in the business

Guests celebrated the best and brightest of real estate, general and livestock auctioneers and appraisers at the Domain Golden Gavel Awards and Dinner at the Carrington Function Centre. Auctioneer Hamish Mill was awarded the top accolade.

Marc Olsen, Victor Velgush, Kaja Korzeniak and Gemma Lutz


Samantha Hirniak, Heather Montemayor, Nella Kikianis and Hayley Tilbrook
John Morris, Bianca Denham and Travis Denham
Gary Topp, Melinda DuPlessis and Brooke Seward
Carol Busolin, Tracy Place, Debbie and Attilio Cavuoto and Sebastian Scriva
Lily Cummins, Hamish Mill, Chloe Wrigley and Aishah Stocker
Phoebe Ge, Michelle Lee and Amy Por
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