May 3, 2019
Out & About

Building dreams

VIP guests gathered at a Somerton Park home, constructed and donated by Finesse Built. Proceeds will go to the Little Heroes Foundation's care program.

Nick Flyger, Anna Meares and Monique and Simon O’Donohue.

Matt Beckwith, Stephen Patterson, Chris McDermott, and Leith Forrest.
Mark and Jennifer McDermott and Nick and Jane Flanagan.
Luke McLean and Dannielle McPherson.
Kendy Beal and Nicole Woods.
Despina Carypidis, Natalie Almond, and Tess Carypidis.
Anna Meares, Nadia Mangiarelli, Samantha Tedmanson, Jan Hesketh and Jennifer Griffin.
Peter and Monika Tirrell, Kara Walsh, De-Jana Saulys and Nick Tirrell.
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