June 16, 2023
Out & About

Cabaret Festival Variety Gala

Guests attended the 2023 Variety Gala to celebrate the opening of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, held across Adelaide Festival Centre and Her Majesty’s Theatre until June 24.

Anna Spencer and John Glenn.

Alex De Porteous and Henry Doyle.
Anthea Greig and Rohan Clifford.
Penny Johnson and Gary Douglas.
Jenie and Nicholas Hosking.
Mike Webb and Paul Robertson.
Simon Rogers, Zack Ringrow and Josh Osis.
Michelle and Gerard Beltrame.
Marelle Johnson, Malcem Tulett and Carol Michalsky.
Angela Condous and Phyllis Southgate.
Amelia Ryan and Zac Tyler.
Sue Dilena and Damian Porcaro.
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