March 2, 2023
Out & About

Class A Jewellers’ 50th Birthday

Class A Jewellers hosted special guests in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Michaela Stark and Lili Karamalakis.

Kenzie Smith and Ben Mucklow.
Harrison Klenk, Bridget Moore, Kayla Michos and Arissa Michos.
Ruairi Luke and Renee Samra.
Sabrina Furlan and Jasmin Spotswood.
Bea Valladares and Viv Valladares.
Jyssica Penna, Sara Harb, Emily Audino and Alessandra Schinella.
Kathy Morris and Peter Morris.
Bec Stephens and Justin Stephens.
Jordan Newton and Leah Aiossa.
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