August 17, 2023
Out & About

Educators Ball

The inaugural Educators Ball was held at the Hilton Adelaide as a celebration of South Australia's educators.

Adele Maughan, Nina Ostrun and Mel McDonald.

Anne Cannizzaro, Nicole Scriva, Giselle Pinheiro Arias, Jaime Lee, Amy Graham and Tahlia Jacobs.
Kathryn Valamanesh and Jasmine Millbanks.
Rita Carey and Kate Williams.
Julie Short and Suzanne Conboy.
Kathy Styliavis, Jess Dutschke and Karla Huffa.
Matt Hawkins, Spencer Smith and Grace Avery.
Jayne Heath and Phil O’Loughlin.
Natasha Slee, Renee Hutton and Ruby Paige.
Melissah and Nick Birch.
Maureen Lawlor and Natasha Dunn.
Rachael Zaltron and Kerryn Page.
Nick Muxlow and Amber Heaft.
Brooke Prosser, Alana Wienert and Hannah Best.


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