April 11, 2024
Out & About

Elvis opening night

Guests walked down the red carpet for the premiere of Elvis: A Musical Revolution at Her Majesty's Theatre.

Ben Jones and Lara Wilson

Oliver Zafiridis and Zena Najjar
Zac Snoswell and Sean Wright
Breigh and Jason Russo
Daniela Biagi and Mandy Nash
Delanie Whibley
Peter Ward
Chloe Dowd, Ryan Tillman and Emma Palunbo
Milla Maiale and Ava-Sofia Georgia
Nimfa Farrell and Senator the Hon. Don Farrell
Charley Williams, Charley Lavea-Williams and Alisha Lavea-Williams
Lyra Labelle, Aveline and Chris Asimos
Jeremy Hill and Latisha Stitch
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