November 23, 2023
Out & About

Helpmann Academy Macquarie cocktail reception

An intimate group of 60 guests attended the Helpmann Academy Macquarie cocktail reception to raise funds for emerging South Australian artists.

Sonia Mir, Tess Syme, Sally Hay and Lauren Molloy

Amelia Walmsley and Sam Matthewman
Amy Ligertwood, Mark Footer, Mark Roderick and Her Honour Judge Karen Thomas
Andrew Leunig, Jeremy-Duffy, Nicholas Ross and Jason Dunstone
Caroline Foreman, Scott Foremann, Madeleine Harland and Dugald Harland
Chris Penny, Chris Branford, Angela Carey and Sarah Langley
Emily Jones and Mark Jones
James Darling, Lesley Forwood and David McKee AO
Jane MacFarlane, Henry Wolff and David McKee AO
Jill Bills and Jane MacFarlane
Karen Barrett, Dr Rob Lyons and Amanda Harkness
Mark Jones, Lilly Lipman and Skip Lipman
Pam McKee, Diana Jaquillard and The Honourable Diana Laidlaw
Paul McHugh, Kirsty Roderick and Fatima McHugh
Professor Joanne Cys and Dr Stephen Muecke
Scott Hicks and John Phillips
Sonia Mir, Tess Syme, Sally Hay and Lauren Molloy
Stephanie Doddridge, Glenn Sterrey and Debbie Sterrey
Richard Fennell, Cathy Fennell, Dallas Sanders and David Sanders
David-Muller, Jane MacFarlane, Teresa Grigoriou and Chris Grigoriou
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