September 15, 2023
Out & About

Loreto SpringART

Loreto College hosted guests for their SpringART exhibition featuring emerging and established South Australian artists.

Louise Feneley and Anna Platten Loreto SpringART

Louise Feneley and Anna Platten.

Philia and John Kefalianos Loreto SpringART Festival
Philia and John Kefalianos.
Michael and Cathy Boots
Michael and Cathy Boots.
Amy and Shaun Duncan Loreto SpringART
Amy and Shaun Duncan.
Katie Sandison and Taylor Kopp
Katie Sandison and Taylor Kopp.
Karen Macolino and Sam Illman Loreto SpringART Festival
Karen Macolino and Samantha Illman.
Jono Abraham and Mel Wenzel
Jonathan Abraham and Mel Wenzel.
Guido Commisso and Gino Campagnaro
Guido Commisso and Gino Campagnaro.
Peter and Anna Fitzpatrick
Peter and Anna Fitzpatrick.
Aria Noori and Marisha Matthews Loreto SpringART Festival
Aria Noori and Marisha Matthews.
Angus Heaton and Lucy Small-Pearce Loreto SpringART Festival
Angus Heaton and Lucy Small-Pearce.
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