January 11, 2024
Out & About

Miss Saigon opening night

Crowds packed into the Adelaide Festival Theatre for the opening night of West End/Broadway hit musical Miss Saigon.

Nina Argyrous and Stacey Lee

Olivia Giameos and Zak Vasiliou
Monica Madon and Markus Hamence
Rhys Wait and Nisa Zakuan
Roumen and Kelly Staykov
Sarah Tucker, Dana Turelli and Ashlee Rogers
Michael Stokes and William Le
Sienna Tolja and Mietta Brookman
Stephen Harmon and Julie-Anne Wuttke
Sharon and Ella Zacharia
Sava Politis and Chrissie Kourniotis
Penny Johnson and Garry Douglas
Andrea Michaels and Dora Jain
Mark Siebentritt and Kathryn Calaby
Shenayde Wilkinson-Sarti, Lynda Wilden, Gaylene Phillips, Sophie Wilden, Thomas Phillips and Holly Sturmer
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