March 10, 2022
Out & About

Out & About: Adelaide Festival opening weekend event

Adelaide Festival's Opera Donor's Circle and Chairman's Circle held an event at 2KW.

Sarah Killey and Anna Baillie-Karas.

Andrew and Amanda Love.
Andrew Robertson, Jill Hill, Gayle Robertson, Samuel Joyce and MaryLou Bishop.
Catherine Bagot, Chris Waltham and Janet Hayes.
Geoffrey Martin, Emma Poole, David Mackintosh and Roger Lang.
Georige and Chris Pazios.
Jeremy Drew and Andrea Hull.
Michael Bickford, Lesley Haas-Baker, Sharyn Yelland and Maria Panagiotidis.
Ermes de Zan, Penelope Seidler and Andrew Andersons.
Susan Perrin-Kirby and Janice Bert.
Tim McCormick, Vivienne Sharpe, Cathy Cameron and Andrew Cameron.
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