June 10, 2021
Out & About

Out & About: Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race

Guests attended opening night of State Theatre Company South Australia's The Appleton Ladies' Potato Race, on at Royalty Theatre until June 19.

Susie Youssef and Damon Herriman.

Anthony Nicola and Stevie Cross.
Charles Rundle, Jayden Gladigau and Jennifer King.
Danielle Macdonald and Ansuya Nathan.
Diané Ranck and Christina Carapetis.
Hilke Ppiros and Elias Ppiros.
Julian Hobba, Richard Davies and Matt Hyde.
Kellie Jones and Enken Hagge.
Steven Marshall, Peter Goldsworthy and Lisa Temple.
Sarah Tait, Melanie Tait and James Ly.
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