January 28, 2021
Out & About

Out & About: Bremerton Wines tasting room launch

Bremerton Wines held a launch party for their tasting room. Located next to their restored 1866 barn, guests enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the new space, which combines old and new materials to complement the winery’s historic charm.

Deb Eckert, Bri Potts, Samara Walmsley and Bree Maxwell.

Rebecca Willson and Lucy Willson.
Jassmine Wood, Steve Shotton and Rebekha Sharkie.
Scott Harding and Amber Richards.
James Kennett, Bec Ifould, Jason Tolliday and Matt Jaensch.
Tom Keelan, Brenton Ford and Andrew Hill.
Jen Verco and Nikki Fraser.
Lucy Brewer and Andrew Bullock.
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