June 30, 2022
Out & About

Out & About: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

Local businesses from the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters gathered for a networking event at Fine & Fettle on Magill Road.

Elena Frenton and Jordan Matthews.

Lyndal Sterenberg and Susan Comerford.
Janice and Tomas Even and Michael Levene.
Nicola Hayes, Jo Quigley and Daniel Gerace.
Joe and Antonetta Quinzi.
Greg Lyell, Ryan McAndrew and Riley and Chantal Bishop.
Sally Turner and Alan Merchant.
Chirag Trivedi, Martin Ama and Ahmad Haji.
Andy Aslandi, Luis Avalos and Andy Lam.
Rachel Mews and Loren Caruso.
Niki Gelekis and Jonathon Pandeli
Desea Tsagatos, Simon Latta, Ben Pfitzner and Michael Levine.
Robert Bria, Skye Grinter-Falzun and Sue Whitington.
Eric Ho and Sarom Mom.
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