May 26, 2022
Out & About

Out & About: Clare Valley SCA Gourmet Week launch

Clare Valley SCA Gourmet Week was launched at Seed Clare Valley with a laneway party.

Anne-Louise Scheepers, Katherine Maitland and Mel Considine.

Matt Paulett, Ali Paulett and Wayne Thomas.
Hilary Mitchell, Rowan Ramsey and Anna Baum.
Clare Scrivens, Don Farrell and Nimfa Farrell.
Rodney Harrex and Helen MacDonald.
Ali Paulett, Penny Lion, Megan Spencer and Anna Baum.
Nick Ryan, Kaye Gilmore and Sarah Porz.
Mim Ward, Eric de Roos, Gloria de Roos, Rodney Harrex and Helen MacDonald.
Peter Barry and Rodney Harrex.
Katherine Maitland and Jim Maitland.
Sam Maitland and Candice Leighton.
Giedre Budrius and Dominyka Millard.
Lou Willson, Kristy Barnes, Brooke Lang, Farlie Fraser and Debbie Bruce.
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