July 7, 2022
Out & About

Out & About: Garcon Bleu long lunch

Garcon Bleu partnered with designer Stephanie Chehade for the Mode Locale Long Lunch, with a trunk show of Stephanie's new collection.

Zoe Ragenovich and Amanda Lambert.

Gabrielle Cehic, Mirna Hani and Francesca Cehic.
Gayle Robertson, Julia Mackintosh, Lee Ross-Solomon, Diane Colton and Mary Lou Bishop.
Giusi Silvestri and Gabriella Cavuoto.
Lauren Rugari, Tara-Jade Reaich, Natalia Fiacchi, Jessica Sibai and Maria Caruso.
Lee Ross-Solomon, Hayley Lentz, Elisia Retsas and Frances Retaas.
Lisa Giamarelos and Jenny Panagopoulos.
Megan Potter and Mandy Hawtin.
Melanie Flintoft and Sarah Abbott.
Rachel Atkins, Sarah Rohrsheim, Anna Gerlach and Mena Muecke.
Stephanie Chehade, Roula Chehade, Rhonda Nemer, Leonie Gerace and Tara-Jade Reaich.
Stephanie Heaven, Alli Fick, Elsa Hill, Zoe Ragenovich and Penny Piper.
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