January 23, 2020
Out & About

Out & About: Gourmet gathering

The City of Unley held its 20th annual Gourmet Gala on the newly-refurbished King William Road, where attendees gathered to enjoy food, music and fashion.

Fiona Smithson, Theadora Karidis, Mike Smithson and Jayne Stinson

Suzannah Toop and Michael Hewitson
Rohan Amladi and Mallika Shanbhag
Paul and Susan Straschko and Leoni Lennon
Nicole and Darcy Sheehan
Natalie and Angelo Catinari
Jane Russo, Joe Rossi and Sue Dewing
Heath and Natalie Johansen
Charlie Treloar and Nadia Grino
Ben Scadden and Toby Yap
Amanda Kozuch and Olivia Jenkison
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