February 27, 2020
Out & About

Out & About: Highway superstars

More than 200 guests attended Amity Dry’s sold-out premiere show, Highway Superstar in The Empire Theatre at Gluttony. The cabaret featured well-known songs from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. 

Adele Jackson, Bronwyn Blain, Nion Dewidk, Tiffany Cornish and Katherine Gronert

Tristelle Ruiz and Kareena Savva
Rachel Brookes, Tori Moule and Emily Brookes
Paige Rowe and Courtney Stollznow
Georgina Worthington and Jo Piggott
Claudia Tomczyk and Daniel Roberts
Cat Southern and Lynda Wegener
Benjamin Grindlay and Amity Dry
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