April 27, 2023
Out & About

Rocky Horror Show

The 50th Anniversary Rocky Horror Show opened at Adelaide Festival Theatre with the original creator of the show Richard O’Brien in attendance.

Chloe Grayling and Rachel Grayling.

Penny Johnson and Gary Douglas.
Nicole McKenzie and Peter Karmel.
Marie Kargiotis and Bella Kargiotis.
Lora Papa and Michelle Beltrame.
Lia Cox and Sebastian Cox.
Kym Hodgkinson and Luke Rowley.
Inira Lang and Jeff Lang.
Edwina Handshin and Pippa Wanganeen.
Daniel Maxwell and Chloe Svaikauskas.
Christian Moretti and Kayla Ruggerio.
Carla Anita Mattiazzo and Alex De Porteous.
Steve and Barbara Georganas.
Alison Camporeale and Nicole Betterman.
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