August 4, 2023
Out & About

SALA opening night

Guests officially welcomed SALA with an opening night event at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Erin Davidson and Gillian Brown.

Angelina Harris-Faull and Claire Harris.
Michael Haddad and Rose Kentish.
Nicholas Folland and Tony Kanellos.
Nat Campbell and Josephine Evans.
Lina Limosani, Thom Buchanan, James Tylor and Carly Tarkari Dodd.
Julia Robinson and Roy Ananda.
Judith Klavins and Andre Klavins.
John Marshman and Cheryl Bridgart.
Jesse Williams-Fuller and Tony Williams.
Jess Taylor, Hannah Kent and Julia Robinson.
Greg Ackland and Barbara Ackland.
Gill Hicks and Jenna Pippett.
Claire Le Duc and Sasha Grbich.
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