August 24, 2023
Out & About

Sip & Style Soirée

Guests attended the Sip & Style Soirée launch event at STH Restaurant on King William Road.

Ellie Walker and Kate Schell

Ellie Walker and Kate Schell.

Sip & Style Soirée Sue Tweddell and Fay Zaikos
Sue Tweddell and Fay Zaikos.
Sip & Style Soirée Kym Hodgikson and Michelle Fogden
Kym Hodgikson and Michelle Fogden.
Sip & Style Soirée Joanna Tropeano and Lauren Dilena
Joanna Tropeano and Lauren Dilena.
Lores Giglio and Marie Kargiotis
Lores Giglio and Marie Kargiotis.
Jamie Reilly, Kelly Mills and Jess Mills
Jamie Reilly, Kelly Mills and Jess Mills.
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