January 12, 2023
Out & About

St Andrew’s School Tarrkarri opening

St Andrew's School opened its purpose-built facility, Tarrkarri, which includes a new STEM facility to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Shontelle Cabot and Alison Draca.

Vikram and Veena Madan.
Carolyn Grantskalns, Wayne Grivell and Zoe Avon.
Jo Sanders, Sharyn Iadanza, Deb Dalwood and Carla Moffat.
Pho Yong and Dion Suyapto.
David and Rosanne Coventry, Janet Stone and Jen Travers.
Karen Rogers, Dylan Bartholomeusz, Mark Egarr and Kelly Papanaoum.
Rev. Sam Goodes, Darren Fleming, Ann Hurst and Ron Robinson.
Luke Ritchie, Caroyln Grantskalns, Kristian Downing and Kirsten Gormly.
Lucy Hood, Cathie Egarr and Luke Ritchie.
Heather Wood and Ivan Copley.
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