April 12, 2024
Out & About

Verco Cup SALIFE Party Marquee

The SALIFE Party Marquee at the Adelaide Polo Club’s Verco Cup entertained guests, with nibbles and drinks flowing, as well as all the action on the field.

Elsie Schapel, Jane Schapel and Louella Schapel.

Anna Colovic and Madeline Bedford
Chloe Martin and Giuseppe Mottillo
Daniel Gunning and Stanzee Treliving
Franca Martino, Susie Boksem and Charmaine Russell
Joe Brown and Imogen Rowat
Kerin O’Donohue and Emma McEvoy
Kristy Miller and Michael Guerin
Laura and Trevor Keen
Simon and Diane Hockridge
Tara Gagliardi, Bronny Heap and Naomi Francis
Taren and Nathan Hocking
Vanessa Humphris and Daisy-Primsose Humphris
Wella Badilles and Christo Handley
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