July 21, 2023

Recipe: Poached quince puddings

Perfect for frosty nights, warm up with these vibrant poached quince puddings.

Poached quince puddings
makes 12

3 quinces
250g white sugar
500g water and a further 400g water
100g lemon juice
10g bi-carb soda
80g softened butter
220g brown sugar
3 eggs
430g self-raising flour

Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees. Slice quinces into 1cm thick slices, then cut each slice into 12x6cm circles (approximately the size of the base of your muffin tray) using a ring cutter. Place quince circles in a pot with white sugar, lemon juice and 500g of water. Cook gently on a low-medium heat until tender. Lift them out of syrup, place on a tray and set aside for later. Continue to reduce stock until a pink syrup is formed.

Chop remaining skin and flesh of quince roughly and place in a pot with 400g of water. Bring to boil, remove from heat and add bi-carb. Set aside to cool.

Beat butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time until incorporated. Add self-raising flour and beat for a further 30 seconds. Stir in cooked quince offcuts with enough of the water to form a cake batter.

Grease and line bases of the muffin tray with small circles of baking paper, just enough to cover each base. Place a cooked circle of quince in each muffin section, then fill up to ¾ with pudding batter. Bake in a 160 degree oven for
25 minutes or until cooked. Carefully turn out, remove the small circle of baking paper and serve with the syrup.


This article first appeared in the May 2023 issue of SALIFE magazine.

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