November 10, 2023

A handy guide to generators for when the power goes out or the outback calls

Generators are not exactly a topic on everyone’s lips, but knowing a bit about them – which size to hire and why – will save a lot of time and heartache should one ever be needed.

Unsplash/Max Larochelle

In South Australia, we love our comfortable living and the untamed beauty of nature on our doorstep. So, if you’re a dedicated homeowner in the heart of Adelaide or a passionate traveller yearning for the outback’s remote horizons, it’s good to know that Coates stands as the trusted name in fulfilling all power requirements.

Holiday Saviour

Relaxing at a holiday shack, listening to the rhythmic sounds of ocean waves, serenity broken by the screams that the ice blocks have melted. The power is out – what to hire? The Silenced Skid-Mounted Generators. These reliable power sources ensure that your electricity supply remains consistent, effectively turning your holiday cabin into a genuine home away from home.

  • Silenced skid mounted generators (10–550 kVA) – available in a wide variety of sizes tailored to different sizes of projects, from compact units under 20 kVA to mid-size 150–275 kVA and larger 300–550 kVA units.

Outback Serenity

For the adventurous souls chasing that outback dream, where electricity is the last thing on one’s mind, Coates Hire offers Inverter Generators, providing power for any location. Whether you’re planning a remote cabin getaway or exploring the outback, these generators guarantee electricity, even in off-grid locations.

  • Inverter generators (4.3 kVA) – these quiet and efficient systems can power larger tools and home appliances up to a combined 3000w.

Festival Fun

Planning a festival camping trip? The Briefcase Generator is the ideal companion. It provides power for all camping gadgets, while maintaining the peaceful atmosphere of the festival grounds.

  • Briefcase type (2 kVA) – lightweight and easy to transport, these generators are suitable for camping, handymen and workshops, capable of powering individual tools rated up to 1000w.

Renovation renaissance

Imagine being in the midst of a home renovation project, crafting a brand-new outdoor deck to savour those warm summer evenings or transforming a kitchen into a culinary haven and everything suddenly stops! Coates Hire offers a diverse range of generators to assure uninterrupted renovations.

When you’re living at home during that kitchen transformation, imagine the serene ambiance when whipping up culinary delights. Coates Hire’s Inverter Generators offer whisper-quiet efficiency, guaranteeing that peaceful atmosphere remains undisturbed while powering those essential kitchen appliances, up to 3000w. They’re the perfect ally for culinary projects.

When handling a challenging welding project with finesse and the power goes out, a sturdy Rollframe Type generator will get the job done! It’s equipped with a heavy-duty roll frame, wheels, and handles, offering support for domestic and trade needs. They cover a wide spectrum of requirements and can handle welding equipment up to 7000w, making them indispensable for your trade projects.

  • Rollframe type (3–9 kVA) – fitted with a heavy-duty rollframe with wheels and handles, these sturdy generators cover most domestic and tradie needs.

Need to get ahead of substantial home renovations or construction projects? Coates Hire’s Trailer Mounted generators are up to the task, ensuring everything stays on track, even when the lights go out. With the capability to power a range of equipment up to 28,000w, these generators provide an efficient solution, so your grand home renovation dreams become a reality without interruptions.

  • Trailer mounted (11–36 kVA) – an efficient option for smaller construction projects, trailer-mounted generators can power a range of equipment up to 28,000w.

Now you know what generator to choose, when you’re in need of power, contact your local Coates branch.