April 26, 2024

A South Australian legacy of optometry

For over 70 years, Innovative Eye Care has been at the forefront of optometric practice. An amalgamation of longstanding South Australian independent optometrists, Innovative Eye Care has been guided by a tradition of excellence and innovation.

The journey began in 1959 when the late Ron Fieldhouse founded R Fieldhouse and Associates, a practice that was decades ahead of its time.

One of Ron’s proudest achievements in the optometry industry was to have optometry consultations recognised on the Medicare schedule, after 25 years of sustained lobbying by Optometry Australia.

Throughout his career, Ron was involved in philanthropic causes and visited Western Samoa in 1978 to provide eye care services and free spectacles to people in need.

On 26 September 1975, a dinner to celebrate optometry’s entry into Medibank (now Medicare) was attended by the Australian Optometrical Association National Executive Council (L-R) Lloyd Hewett, William Ure, Charles Wright, National President Arthur Ley, Ronald Fieldhouse, Brian Carlton Smith, Brian Layland, Bruce Besley and Executive Director Damien Smith

Ron built the foundations of what is now Innovative Eye Care. Ron continued working at the practice until 2012, at the age of 88.

Reflecting on his career, Ron said, “I have made one heck of a lot of friends. That’s the wonderful thing about it all.”

Your eyes are our focus, all day, every day.

(L) Ron Fieldhouse (R) The Eyebus which was first started by Mons McMahon after the second world war and continued by his son Erin McMahon.

In 2007, Lachlan Hoy began working with Ron and purchased the practice three years later. Under Lachlan’s leadership, Innovative Eye Care was born and has grown into one of the leading independent optometry practices in the country.

Lachlan is a second-generation optometrist inspired by his father Stephen to provide innovative independent primary eye care to South Australians.

Stephen Scott-Hoy provided mobile eye care to 60 country towns from the Southeast, Riverland, Barossa, Mid North and Yorke Peninsula for 25 years in the Eyebus.

While Ron was building his practice, North Terrace Optometrists (formerly Peter Taylor Optometrists) was gloriously situated opposite Adelaide University and the Art Gallery.

Peter Taylor Optometrists became North Terrace Optometrists in 1984 when Kevin Rooney, Mark Parsons and Simon Leong became the custodians of this prestigious South Australian independent practice and it was one of the few boutique practices of its era. These gentlemen were all great innovators and pioneers in the provision of soft and hard contact lenses.

In 2016, North Terrace Optometrists merged with Innovative Eye Care, expanding the team. Retirement has since seen us farewell Kevin and Mark, but the North Terrace legacy lives on with Tim, Jane and Sheralyn still in residence at Innovative Eye Care.

(L) excerpt from a newspaper advertisement in 1947, (R) Kevin Rooney, Jane Scotcher, Mark Parsons and Sheralyn Stillert

In 2020, Leigh Holding became the most recent branch of the Innovative Eye Care family tree after Leigh announced his retirement. Leigh Holding took over his father’s optometry practice, FB Holding & Son and continued to provide multigeneration care until he retired. Innovative Eye Care has been proud to welcome Leigh’s legacy into our fold.

We practice generational eye care, with some patients coming to us every year for the past 50 years! We welcome generations of family members as they continue in our care.

2022 was one of the biggest years in the history of Innovative Eye Care, which saw the doors close at Bray House and the opening of the brand-new Wakefield Street premises. With exposed ceilings and slick finishings, this new establishment feels like you’ve stepped into Fifth Avenue, New York.

Optical Dispensary / Innovative Eye Care, Wakefield Street location

With the move, the Optical Dispensary was born. A space where eye wear is the paramount focus. Think Parisian fashion mixed with modern Spanish architecture. The space emulates the vibe of a chic art gallery.

In October 2022, our Western Suburbs branch, located in Woodville since 1959, moved to our new location at Henley beach. A beach front serenity with a relaxed vibe and sophisticated finishings.

Optical Dispensary / Innovative Eye Care, Henley Beach location

With a team of eight industry leaders forming our optometrist team, supported by an excellent administrative and dispensing team, Innovative Eye Care continues to strive for excellence. Providing the ultimate eye care experience. While the team continues to grow, the long history and legacy continues to guide the way they practise.

Innovative Eye Care / Optical Dispensary are located at 300 Wakefield Street Adelaide and 330 Seaview Road Henley Beach.

Find out more at: Innovative Eye Care – Comprehensive and Personalised Eye Health Solutions

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