August 6, 2020

Bespoke furniture doesn’t have to be high maintenance

There is no use investing in a designer dining table if worrying about ruining it leaves you too scared to use it.

Founder and designer Franco Crea.

Since starting his furniture label FrancoCrea in 2013, the namesake owner Franco Crea has fielded the same question over and over from customers at his studios in Adelaide and Melbourne.

“At FrancoCrea a common concern we hear is the stress of maintaining beautiful designer furniture,” Franco says. 

“Everyone leads busy lives these days and no one has the time or energy to worry if the kids are being careful with bespoke furniture. 

“And it can be downright awkward policing dinner guests to use coasters and placemats with a designer dining table.”

Multi table with a powder-coated aluminium base and Corian solid surface top, Multi bench seats feature a diamond-quilted seat in an outdoor fabric

Franco says the key to stress-free living is as simple as choosing furniture that has been created to suit your lifestyle.

With 18 years of professional experience, including a background in interior design, Franco says his distinctive, minimalist aesthetic can easily withstand the rigours of real-life by using the right materials.

“Finding luxury furniture that blends seamlessly with a low maintenance way of living can be a challenge,” Franco admits. 

“Even harder yet is to know what materials and finishes will work best for you.

“One design doesn’t fit all and everyone can be time poor or let self-doubt creep in when making their furniture selections.”

Mila table and Mila armchair

He says the expert furniture designers at FrancoCrea can help un-jumble trends and provide advice on materials that are as beautiful as they are durable to match your way of living.

“Using the right combination of hard-working materials we can create ‘family proof’ options that afford the combination of luxury and practicality,” Franco says.

According to Franco, there are a few different options to consider but a sophisticated material called Corian is a hidden gem perfect to use for designer furniture.  

“Corian is a premium, low maintenance material that is elegant yet robust for everyday living,” Franco says.

“It’s stain-resistant and easy to clean, so it is well suited for designer dining tables of busy families or anyone looking for low maintenance options.”

Mila table in solid American walnut, mirror-polished stainless steel shadow-line and Corian solid surface top in colour Cameo white

A microfibre cloth and warm soapy water are all that’s needed to remove most stains and, when life’s accidents happen, a Corian tabletop can be fully repaired to brand new.  

“Unlike other materials, Corian can be easily restored to its original condition if the table is ever chipped, broken or scratched,” Franco says.

Franco says an extra bonus is that Corian is the safest tabletop surface choice for hygiene. 

“The smooth surface coupled with seamless joins mean there is nowhere for germs or viruses to hide,” he says, adding it also has and enviro-friendly green guard indoor air quality certification.

“We always recommend our clients trial a Corian sample piece in their homes to see how it works for them,” Franco says.  

Mila table, Mila armchair and Mila stool

“Spill red wine, rub turmeric and splotch pasta sauce on the sample piece, really throw everything at it to see how easy it is to clean and maintain.”  

A home trial also lets clients see how a particular colour works with the finishes and lighting in their space, Franco says.  

There’s an extensive range of colours and finishes to complement any interior, and FrancoCrea furniture designers work with clients to co-create personalised selections.

“It warms my heart to know our designer dining tables, that are proudly designed and made in Adelaide, are a place where clients create memories that matter to them without the stress of high maintenance,” Franco says.

Trial Corian in your home with our complimentary sample kit. Order sample here.

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